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♫~一筋の流れ星 消えてゆく♫呼びかけた願い事 叶うように~♫

Welcome to Vicky's Journal
About me:
My name is Vicky ^^ I am 19 years old and currently still a student. I can be a very nice person if you are nice to me and I get along with people pretty well since I love to make friends. Feel free to contact me anytime ne~ My contact info is below! ^^
My interests and likes:
I am a major fan of Kat-tun! My ichiban is Kazuya Kamenashi. He is so damn hot and cute! ♥♥! I am a fan of Akame too! My favorite pairing! ♥♥♥♥! And of course, I believe in akame though they kind of don’t exist anymore :x

I like fandom and fangirling! I made lot of friends here ^^ and I am glad that I join Kat-tun’s fandom. Life is so much fun with fandom! ♥!
About this journal:
This journal will be full of Kat-tun’s stuff. I do graphics so there will be plenty of Kat-tun related graphics here ^^ And this journal will also contain some other stuff.
The graphics here will be open to public but other stuff will be friend-lock..You don't have to add this journal since those locked entries are really boring
But I like to make friends so I will be happy if you are interested to be my friend..I will friend you back as long as we have something in common ^^ I hope you enjoy your stay here! Yoroshiku! ^^
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